Welcome to our accommodations. 

Our main duty and interest is to assure our visitors' health. With high sense of responsibility and by taking into account all the safety measures that have been announced, we would like to notify our visitors of the bellow:

1) Our visitors should be equipped with (surgical) masks while being in the common areas of our accommodations.

2) Disinfection in the interior and the common areas will be held daily and regularly throughout the day.

3)In all the rooms and common areas there will be antiseptics for disinfection purposes.

4) During the visitors' arrival their temperature will be taken for safety reasons and even daily only if they wish so.

5) Breakfast will be received from the buffet by following all the security distances or it can even be consumed in the room if applicable.

Given the difficult circumstances that we all have to face, lets all try responsibly to measure up to the demands of the basic health restrictions so as to protect our clients/ visitors and our staff In order to create eligible visitor conditions

Thank you for your understanding.

On behalf of the Personell and Administrator

Rooms to let - Hotel Axiokersa Suites

Guesthouse Axiokersa is located central at the islands capital,Chora,few metres away from the historical monument on "Fkas" where the 1st of September in 1821, more than 3.000 habitats were slottered.

The building was manufactured in 1837, from great Greek builders of Konstantinoupolis.It was used for different purposes throughout years and it was only 2015 that took its final form , fully reconstructed, as a Guesthouse.

Axiokersa first opened its doors to guests in May 2016.

The Guesthouse  Took it's name by the Great Goddess "Axiokersa", one of the Kaveirous , mysteries off, made that small island known through years to the world.


We hope to make your experience at Axiokersa Suites unforgettable.

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